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Best Fast Food Restaurants

The Lowdown

This list is just starting so there's not much here but there's more to come!

The Details

Le Pain Quotidien

Not only do these guys buy mostly fresh, local, organic foods, its really fancy too. Maybe not always the best on your wallet, but they are pretty reasonable, the food is great for your health, and certainly very green!

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Most important Green Lowdown fact is simply that they use the best ingredients possible. They buy local, organic, naturally produced ingredients whenever possible, and when it's not possible, they do the best they can and push back on the market until it is possible. Better food means better health and less money spent on healthcare. Buying local means adding to your local economy, which could lead to more money ending up back in your pocket. Finally, they are trying to make changes in how they build and run their restaurants so that they are greener as well, which will mean a better local environment too.

Jason's Deli

One word... Organic! Jason's tries to use as much organic as possible.

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