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Welcome to our site. We are currently under construction. Check back soon for the latest and greatest on how to live green!

Why? To save money... duh!
This site is dedicated to helping you get the lowdown on everything green, a sort of "one stop shop" for figuring out what food you should buy, what car you should drive, and whether or not to install those weird solar panel things on your roof! With the information in this site, you can make a green investment that will likely put some green in your pocket. Many people believe the only reason to live green is to preserve our planet, but that mindset might be the biggest problem we have. At least for the time being, we depend on the sun and our planet for all of our resources. Whether we consider the issues of running out of oil, how to live on the planet if significant global warming were to occur, or even something as simple as our desire to live long healthy lives, how we use our resources will dramatically determine the outcome. We can waste our resources now, but it is going to cost us a lot more in the future.
Oh, and our children's money too!
This brings us to the second biggest problem, which is the fact that our actions won't effect us very much. There are lots of green investments that will certainly save you money, but the biggest savings is further down the line. Our children, their children, and so on, are the ones who will have fewer resources, and who will be hurt by our actions if we are wasteful. We have to realize that if we invest in living green, our children won't have to deal with the economy crashing when we run out of oil, they won't have to deal with food prices rising because the land won't sustain plant growth, and they won't have to spend time and money cleaning the air so they can breathe. Quite simply, we can trash the earth, but sooner or later a future generation will have to clean it up, and the longer we wait, the bigger the cost.

Check out The Big Green List for the easiest and most effective ways to live green!

without further ado, here it is... THE LOWDOWN

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Home Improvements
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